The Gala 50th anniversary concert

22/04/2022 12:02

11.6.2022 at 6:00PM at The Czechoslovak Hussite Church, Wuchterlova 3, Prague 6 - Dejvice

The chamber mixed choir ROSA was founded in 1970 by a group of students and classical music and poetry lovers in Roztoky near Prague. During the 50 years of its existence there was a number of young conductors who brought the choir to a high interpretation level while becoming more and more experienced in their conducting carreers. Firstly the core of choral dramaturgy was a vocal interpretation of works of classical reneissance and baroque composers, later on younger period and contemporary music pieces of work were added.

The Gala 50th anniversary concert will show the range of music performed by the choir. It will be conducted not only by the current choirmaster Tadeáš Tulach but also its former choirmasters Miriam Němcová, Lukáš Kovařík and Radek Šalša.